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The card games

The card games collection answers real situations experienced by many teams. It can be activated daily in numerous contexts, also in training rooms and during seminars. All our games are available in French and in English.

“Hell is other people.”

> To resolve strained relations that slow down a project: PERCEPTION, 108, ICI games

> To improve the conditions of the project: ICI game


“Even though everyone is motivated, we’re all over the place and everything goes slowly.”

> To facilitate creative exchange and to improve cooperation: DOMINORAMA, ICI games

> To share your understanding of high stakes and your vision: PARC game


“It’s Mission: Impossible for some. Others lament a lack of sense.”

> To draw a road map to carry out your project: ACDC game

" Having original ideas isn’t our strong suit.”

> To clear up misconceptions about the ambitions of a project from the start: PARC, KAPA games

> To speed up the generation of ideas: DOMINORAMA, KAPA, ACDC, TCQSP games


“Although we have ideas, we can’t implement any.”

> To give strength to promising ideas: ACDC, KAPA games

> To transform good ideas into actions: ACDC, TCQSP games

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