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Each game is an animation support which generates team dialogue, a space to transfer expertise, and an opportunity to assimilate a powerful method at the same time.


We offer to animate your seminars, to stimulate your brainstorming sessions, or to challenge your strategic thinking with one or several adapted game sequences.

Workshops in short format (20 minutes, 45 minutes, 90 minutes or 3 hours):
- Breaking ice, generating teams
- Activating cooperation, energising participants

Workshops in extended format (from 1 day onward):
- « Ludo-Strategy/Game Thinking »: consider key topics differently with your teams thanks to the games
- Nurture an analytical approach and resource it (Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving...)

Team diagnosis (game thinking support)
- Identify a team’s assets, promote cooperation
- Facilitate a team’s self-assessment by combining motivation and performance


We transfer our game thinking engineering expertise to teams who wish to design their own game, in order to:


We train managers and facilitators keen to learn new methods.


We customise or adapt our games collection to your context.

- Facilitate corporate communication
- Share good practices
- Appropriate the strategic vision
- Promote creative cooperation
- Customise training tools
- Develop sales arguments

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