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The pins

QUILLES ANANAS (Pineapple Pins).


A kit of paper pins (A4 format) to bring people together and foster cooperation right from the assembly stage of the pins.

Format: PDF file in A4 format to duplex-print in colour.
Assembly material for the pins: staplers and scissors.

Why do we call it QUILLES ANANAS?
The pin’s form reminds of a pineapple’s: cylindric with leaves.
Pineapple, as a fruit, is a symbol of hospitality and sharing: pineapple pins are friendly.
With its exotic connotation, the name makes a lasting impression

and is easy to remember.
The name is sufficiently extravagant to catch attention and spring a surprise.

3 games available in the QUILLES ANANAS format
Break the ice: generator of communication and conviviality between participants.
Find your place: random team generator.
Everything that happens: Persona generator.

In random mode, generate Persona to stage use cases,

arguments or value propositions.




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